Young people meet for ear training

I have received this lovely video from Sylvester and Buster, who performs the Prima Vista Z1 from the Danish version of my book Duvidava© Rhythm Sight Reading.

They have worked for less than a week, and without a teacher, throughout the Course 1*) of the book.

As you can see in the video, they have become quite habitable rhythm node readers.

The boys are both experienced musicians, but had only limited rhythm knowledge before working on the book. I am pleased to see how far you as a self-student can reach in such a short time. However, I would not promise that everyone is as fast as Buster and Sylvester - but had they spent a month, it was nice too.

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Duvidava© Rhythm Sight Reading, Prima Vista Z1

Duvidava© Rhythm Sight Reading, Prima Vista Z1

*) The book consists of three courses. The first one starts from scratch and ends with exercise Z1 (see photo). Courses 2 and 3 are more advanced and are suitable for work with big bands, professional choirs and for teaching at the conservatories.